>Infomercials make us colorful

>I LOVE infomercials. The cheesy products, the cheese-ball hosts, the craptacular music…what’s not to love about them??

What I particularly love about a good infomercial is the radical transformation the product promises; namely, changing your world from one of black & white, clumsy, sad and frustrated to technicolor, coordinated and HAPPY! You perform tasks faster, you smile, your appearance is anything but unkempt. How did I get by in my black & white world before discovering this amazing product?

Not sure what I’m talking about? Watch this…

See what I mean? I put the Handy Peel on and BAM! I’m a coordinated peeling professional IN FULL COLOR! Sweet potatos? Please. Bring it on… There’s nothing I can’t peel with my Handy Peel, in full color.

I’m posting more of these from now on. Commercials like these make the world go ’round, and add color to our daily lives. Literally.


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