>God Allows U-Turns

>First off, I’m not a religious person. I attended church for a little while when I was a kid and never really liked it. I have nothing against religious types (for the most part) and applaud them for their convictions and dedication to their faith.

With that said, I was reminded today of something that really annoys me. I’m driving and this guy in a mini-van passes me at breakneck speed on Goldenwest, cuts me off and slams on his brakes so he doesn’t hit the guy in front of him driving like a sane person; I slam on my brakes to compensate for Dale Jr. The guy than changes lanes to the right lane and floors it and jumps back into the center lane and slams on his brakes (cutting the guy in front of me off in the process), then over to the left lane and back to the center lane. You get the point: the guy was a total douche behind the wheel.

As the guy passed me, I noticed a bumper sticker placed at the top of his rear window:

I look closer and see the Jesus fish, several other God/Jesus bumper stickers and Calvin kneeling at a cross (is Hobbs a heathen or something?) all over the bumper of the champagne Dodge Caravan; the guy was an obvious religious nut and wanted to share his religious views with everyone on the road whether they liked it or not. Here’s my problem…

If you’re going to be advertising your faith and celebrating it by putting crap all over your car…shouldn’t you conduct yourself and portray yourself and your religion in a positive light AT ALL TIMES? Driving stereotypes already run rampant based on one’s sex, gender, race–and to a certain degree–political affiliation (Kerry lost…get over it Democrats). There’s no need for people to start searching out Christians on the road and think “uh oh…there’s a Christian. Those people drive like dumb-asses!!” With the driving prowess of today’s winner, it appears to be a foregone conclusion and he’s giving the rest of the Christians on the road a bad rap.

I wonder if he got caught for doing an illegal U-turn if he could play the God card in court…


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