>T minus 30 days


30 days, folks. Katie and I leave for Europe in 30 days. Are we going to see Big Ben and Parliament, like Clark Griswold and the family? Yes. Is that the reason we’re going to Europe? No. We are going to Munich, Germany to pick up this…

Yup, a BMW 328i Sport Wagon, though mine is blue…and cooler, but that goes without saying. Extra storage for surfboards, dogs and outdoorsy stuff, NOT KIDS you life-in-fast-forward-thinking people.

We fly first to London for a couple days, then off to Munich to pick up the car, then turn around and fly to Paris for a few days, then fly back to Munich and drive to Salzburg for a couple days, then back to Munich and meet up with my sister and brother-in-law in Munich for 4 days and then we’re back home. I hope I covered the whole itinerary; that was a wicked-long sentence.

More details to come…


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