>Giving credit where credit is fondue

>Hard to believe that it took me 31 years to try eating melted cheese with cubes of bread on the end of a 1-foot, 2- pronged fork…but that wait is over. Birthday dinner: The Melting Pot. Yeah baby!

It was everything I had dreamed of, though admittedly I had never dreamed about fondue (thank god). After last night, though, I might find myself dreaming of falling off a cliff into a fondue pot with Gruyere and Emmenthaler cheese. Ever had that dream? The food was pretty damn good and the dessert was over the top, but I loved every graham cracker and piece of pound-cake dipped second of it. Will I go again? Absolutely. Will I be sure to work off 1000 calories prior to going? ABSOLUTELY.

I remember growing up that my parents had a fondue set that was strikingly similar to the one below. I enjoyed taking the forks and using them in place of the standard wider and shorter 4-pronged models typically found at the dinner table whenever I could; I never really got far with them and went back to the old stand-by every time. I had to try, though, ya know? Besides, the tops of the forks looked like the pegs from a Mastermind board game which I thoroughly enjoyed, so it was natural that I’d be drawn to the fondue forks for more than just novelty.

Doug & Sue Mills wedding registry item, no doubt

BTW, in my research of fondue I came across this wacky link to a “when fondue parties go bad” as hosted by 2 action figures. Oh and this piece of sheet music below seems to warn us of the inherent danger of mixing whiskey & fondue, in 6/8 time.

Yeah. And you thought I was strange…


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