>Spring cleaning

>Spring is in the air. The NCAA Tournament is on, our clocks are sprung forward and the South swells are showing up with more regularity. So, it’s time for my annual surfboard spring cleaning! That means all the ponies in the stable get a good cleaning: wax scraped off, deck wiped down, hardware checked, visual inspection, the whole nine yards.

This ball of wax has many memories of giant winter swells and cold ass water…and an afro pick on the back of its head.

I’m not one of those guys that has wax on his board from when Clinton was in office and tend to clean my boards regularly and put new wax on whenever possible. So, I decided to go a little crazy with the application this time and tried my hand at doing a little wax art on my Mandala quad fish, like in this photo (check out Barrel Surfboards for more cool stuff).

My version did not turn out nearly as impressive, but not a bad effort for attempt #1. I went for a springtime tree sort of thing. Ya know, it’s spring and the board is green…new life is in bloom…things grow in the spring…Bueller?

If you look you can see the branches…or, something…there’s a pattern here, people!

It’s funny…of all the things out there, I’ve found there’s no better way to get you stoked on a board or on surfing in general than by scraping a board down and putting on a fresh coat of wax.

Time to try it out! Catch ya later.


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