The greatest shot in NCAA tournament history, courtesy of Mario Chalmers

They did it. My Kansas Jayhawks capped an unbelievable comeback with a 75-68 overtime victory over Memphis. I’m still in shock and can’t believe we won. I’ve dedicated 12 years of my life to this program and would have dedicated 19 more had I known what an amazing brotherhood it has turned out to be. As I watched the final seconds tick away in OT I stood up and I cried the tears of joy that have been earmarked 12 years now for this very moment.

Oh there have been many tears shed for KU basketball over the years, but almost all of them have been tears of frustration, disappointment and sadness. We’ve been led to the altar so many times, to be ditched by our soul mate that elusive national championship.

Once Chalmers hit that 3, it was over. Overtime was just a chance for some more advertisements and fanfare leading up to what was rightfully ours. They had it and they knew it. They played those last 5 minutes with the confidence, ability and heart that got them there the previous 4 games of the tournament. We’ll blog more about this later…

I’ll post more tomorrow, including my NCAA 2008 Tournament recap and such but for now I just want to bask in the magnificence that is being the 2008 NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball CHAMPIONS 🙂


Oh yeah, it’s YouTube Tuesday…so here it is. THIS is the greatest shot in NCAA Tournament history and if you think otherwise, you don’t know squat about basketball 🙂


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