>Day 1: Disaster averted…

>OK, so we made it to London…which was no easy feat. Our flight left LAX @ midnight, 2 hours later than it was scheduled. No big deal; we should still have enough time to make it to our connection in Boston.


Rough weather slowed us down and we arrived at our gate and looked 2 gates down and saw a Boeing 777…our plane, as it were. Look at the watch: 8:55AM. Connection leaves at 9:00AM. F*ck.

The flight attendants make an announcement that the 3 people on our flight that were off to London should be let through to the front so we push through and run like mad 2 gates down as the people at the gate are waving at us furiously and one is holding the door open. We get there, give them the tickets and I ask “are our bags going to make it?” to which she replied, “I’m just trying to make sure YOU make it…who knows about your bags.”

So, we enjoy our 6 hour flight and get through customs and wait for our bags…and they start their trip around the carousel at LHR. Relief, to say the least.

We can give American Airlines all the crap they want for the FUBAR situation back in the states but I gotta hand it to them: they came through when we needed them to. We’re pretty impressed that as the doors were closing to the jetway and the push-back not 7 minutes after we sat down, our bags magically made it on the flight.

Anyway, London today and this city is the bacon, no doubt about it. I’ll post some photos later but I screwed up. Not only did I forget my headset for Skype but I brought the wrong USB cable for the camera so I cannot transfer any photos on my camera to the laptop. I did (oddly enough) bring the right cable for Katie’s camera so I will be showing her photos until I get home and post my photos.

OK, no idea what time it is I just know I’m a tired ass mofo. I will post more tomorrow.



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