>Holy sh*t I love driving in Germany

>We flew out of Paris this afternoon after spending the morning enjoying a little shopping and our last baguette and cheese DIY lunch kit, which was tres bien.

But, past the baguettes and cheese, I was done with Paris. We were there for a little over 2 days and that’s about all I need to see of Paris; no real desire to head back. People were pushy, sort of rude, in a hurry everywhere and didn’t seem too interested in trying to work with our Frenglish. No hard feelings because I thoroughly enjoyed my time there, but it was time to head off to a better and friendlier place: Germany. But wait just a second…we were in Germany for about 4 hours after getting baggage and catching a train back to Munich and BMW Welt, then we hopped in the uber-wagon and drove to Salzburg, Austria where I’m typing this from right now.

Oh, and drive we did. Once we hit A-8 (the Autobahn stretch between Munich and Salzburg), all bets were off and the car said “let’s have a little fun, Herr Mills.” So, we got the old girl going and sh*t was it a ride to remember. The wagon is a beast. Let me say that again: A BEAST. It drives so perfectly, so quickly, and is so well-equipped it has validated my decision choosing between a wagon and a sedan. I’m gonna love this car, that’s for sure.

It is so built to be the Ultimate Driving Machine, it deserves every letter of that moniker it bears. The orchestra of cars weaving in and out of traffic at warp speeds began right on cue and we, in turn, joined the symphony. We only hit about 130mph before we decided to call it good and chill out around 105mph for those areas without a posted speed limit; it was dusk/night, after all, and safety first. You have no idea how freaking insane and awesome it is to legally drive your car at 130mph and have a squadron of other German cars along with you for the ride. We got passed by X5’s and 5’s traveling at probably 130-140mph and I remembered after the 1st pass at 100mph why I did European Delivery again and will probably be back here in 3 years to do it again…

Anyway, we sightsee Salzburg tomorrow and just take it easy. Paris was a real ass-kicker and we walked our asses off and could use a break and a city center that is about 1/4 mile wide and 1/2 mile long should do the trick.

I’ll post some photos
tomorrow as we don’t really have much to share with y’all. Until then, gtuen nacht!!


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