>My search for the holy grail is over…

>In trading, there’s a certain element of treasure hunting that’s ever looming. Traders seek not only to make money but to find the mythical holy grail. It’s believed that this holy grail is a trading system that cannot lose and EVERY trader will tell you about it. You enter a trade and you know that you’re going to win and you’re going to win BIG. This system cannot be beat and you hold in your possession something that nobody in the world can have; it’s yours and yours only and the rest of the trading community will look on in awe as you effortlessly and consistently reel off winner after winner.

I thought that I’d been given the holy grail several months ago when I hooked up with a trader in Ohio who has been teaching me his system; it’s amazing. This system from a technical standpoint is brilliant and even better: it’s simple. It’s extremely successful and consistent and far more effective that anything else out there, and I say that with conviction as I’ve seen it work and traded it successfully. While it loses, the # of wins to losses is huge and even better is the size of the wins vs the size of the losses, which is even more important.

Wrong grail, dumb-ass…

But in time, I’ve realized that this system is not the holy grail. While it’s better than anything else out there and CAN be unbelievably profitable, I had not been able to replicate it’s performance on a consistent basis and I wondered why. The holy grail was in my hands, but it seemed to be missing a key piece in order for it’s power to be harnessed and applied to the markets. Suddenly, there it was staring at me square in the eyes: the holy grail.

See, I’d been searching for this holy grail in the wrong place; turning over stones and digging deep in the trading landscape to find it because I believed that it was out there somewhere. As it turns out, I am the holy grail. I’m the missing piece of the puzzle that can unleash the power of the tool I have been given and trained to use and I didn’t realize it until recently.

It’s this one…

My mentor Bill had been telling me this along, but I never heard it; I wasn’t ready to hear it. I often wondered why he was willing to teach me his methods and share this indicator/system that he’d worked on for 15 years if it was the true holy grail. I mean, this guy has made a fortune trading and can work for about 3 hours a day and call it quits and made more money than most people will make in a week, yet was willing to give me the same tools he uses to be so successful. Then, I started remembering early conversations we had. He’d said that the system/tool is worthless without knowing how to use it and how to apply that system consistently on a daily basis and it doesn’t matter what it CAN do it only matters what it WILL do, and that’s completely in your hands. Now, I understand what he’s been telling me for months. I’m the holy grail. I’m what makes the tool work. The holy grail isn’t a system or a tool, it’s the knowledge—and more importantly—the ability to use that tool. So many people (myself included, until now) believe that the holy grail is out there and can be found and held in your hands; a tangible treasure that you can show off or share with others. That statement couldn’t be further from the truth…

Suck it Trebek…

This is a very big development for me and understanding this fact puts me in a very select group of traders; the “outliers” as it were. No longer am I searching for the grail, spending months scouring and testing the thousands of systems and techniques that all claim to be the Chosen One. Now that I’ve found the holy grail, the difficulty is in unlocking the true potential of this gift and learning how to harness the true power of the tool and the person wielding the tool. Once that happens, there is no limit to how much I can do.


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