>2010 Blogsolutions

>As we’re now into 2010, I feel it necessary to give you some new year “blogsolutions.” It’s the popular thing to do and since this blog doesn’t need to lose weight and can’t plan a budget or eat healthier, here’s what you can expect for the upcoming year…

1. More posts
I can’t promise you every day but I can sure tell you every day now at the beginning of the year, try my best, come up short and then link back to this statement at the end of the year to prove that I never promised you a thing.

2. More interactivity
YOU need to be involved in this blog! Maybe through polls, suggestions, guest bloggers, whatever. Come hell or high water I’m going to get you involved here this year and look forward to the ensuing train wreck.

3. More controversy
Yeah, I said it: more controversy. I don’t have enough time to gently meander around political correctness and side-step discussing many of the issues that I would like to but have previously avoided for lack of pissing people off or having labels attached to me. Not that anything is really that bad, but I think you might learn a bit more about me if I weren’t pushing all my toughts and content through the Brita water filatration of blog-editing.

4. Brisbane
He has his own blog that hasn’t been posted to in a while and with his schedule and mine starting to settle in nicely, we should be able to get him on the keyboard and start posting either here or at his own blog.

So, let’s light this candle and have a very fun and entertaining 2010 here at übersurf…


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