>Don’t be THAT guy: Eager Elevator Entry


OK, it’s time for a new regular installment here at übersurf. You see, I’m an extremely level-headed, accommodating, understanding guy. I listen to and appreciate different points of view, cultures and social dynamics whether I agree with them or not.

However, I’m also an extremely critical guy with no tolerance whatsoever for stupidity, ignorance, unbelievably selfish acts and so forth. One of my favorite sayings is “don’t be that guy” when speaking to people about the actions of another in social situations. You know the guy; we’ve probably all been THAT guy a couple times and felt badly for it. The thing is, these people don’t give a damn or are clueless about what they’re doing.

So, the first “don’t be that guy” in our new series is the:

“Eager Elevator Entry” Guy

Here’s the setup…

Your luck is running out when you hit the lobby, Leprechaun…

The elevator arrives (let’s say in the lobby) and the bell rings alerting the waiting riders that their vertical chariot hath arrived. The people eager to get back to work (or wherever they’re going) rush to the doors of the elevator, before they’ve opened, standing just a foot or two from the door. As the doors start to open, THAT guy starts walking into the elevator, completely oblivious to the fact that elevators are multi-taskers that transport people up AND down.

Any one of these guys could be THAT guy…

As THAT guy enters the elevator, he’s met by the people that rode the elevator down (our leprechaun above) and he becomes a log-jam that prevents the people from leaving.

I love a good elevator stampede

The worst part is, THAT guy almost seems annoyed that he has to move and that these fools are freeloading on his elevator.


So, people, don’t be THAT guy. When the elevator bell rings, let the doors open and see if anyone comes out. Then, enter the elevator…and wait for THAT guy to greet you on whatever floor you’re headed to.


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