>Holy sh*t I went to the greatest basketball school EVER

>I’m done mourning KU’s untimely loss. I’m moving on and after some choice comments from the ever classy MU fans and other people who just love to hate on KU at every misstep, I needed something to pick me up; remind me of how good great KU really is. So, I started digging around…

Here are some facts taken from the Wikipedia entry for KU Men’s Basketball. If there was ever any doubt that KU is THE blue-blooded, undisputed alpha dog of NCAA Men’s college basketball, just read this and if you’re still not convinced then you’re an idiot. In no particular order of importance with some pretty unbelievable facts highlighted for your convenience…

  • Kansas leads Division I in all-time in conference titles with 53 in 103 years of conference play
  • In the last two decades (ending with the 2009-2010 season), no team won more games than the Jayhawks, who won 571 games
  • KU has the longest current streak of consecutive NCAA tournament appearances with 21

 sidenote: The NCAA Tournament was created in 1939 by the National Association of Basketball Coaches and was the brainchild of coach Phog Allen (you’re welcome, college basketball fans)

  • Since the NCAA began seeding the tournament in 1979, KU has never been lower than an 8 seed (their average seed is a 3) and since that time KU has only missed the tournament 5 times
  • Second-longest current streak of winning seasons, at 27
  • First among Division I schools in winning seasons, conference championships and first-team All Americans
  • Second in wins with 2003
  • First in NCAA history with 91 winning seasons.
  • KU has had the fewest head coaches (eight) of any program that has been around 100 or more years (the other “blue bloods” with 100+ year history: KY has had 22, UCLA 12 and UNC 18)
  • They have reached the Final Four under more head coaches (six) than any other program in the nation
  • Every head coach at Kansas since the inception of the NCAA Tournament has led the program to the Final Four
  • Kansas has had four head coaches inducted into the Naismith Hall of Fame, more than any other program in the nation.
  • Current longest home court wining streak @ 59
  • 30 McDonald’s All Americans
  • 14 Academic All Americans
  • 6 National Player of the Year honors
  • 13 Final Four appearances
  • 5 National Championships

Oh and it bears mention that KU is a magnet for college basketball coaching legends. Dean Smith and Adolph Rupp (2 of the greatest, coaches of all time) played @ KU under Phog Allen along with Dutch Lonborg, and Ralph Miller, all of whom have been inducted as coaches to the National Basketball Hall of Fame. In that regard, I guess Kentucky and UNC owe KU a pretty giant THANK YOU (they are, after all, the #1 and #3 winningest programs in NCAA history due mostly to the efforts of Rupp and Smith, respectively). How’s this for small world: John Wooden helped build Memorial Stadium in 1929 after being recruited by Phog Allen to play @ KU. Oh and Larry Brown is the only coach to have won a championship in both the NCAA and NBA.

There you have it. Super stoked to be a Jayhawk it never ceases to amaze me at the excellence and tradition of Kansas Basketball.


2 thoughts on “>Holy sh*t I went to the greatest basketball school EVER

  1. >Mills, sorry to correct you…2003 wins is now 3rd after UNC's win last night in the NIT (although that shouldn't count since it isn't a real tournament… Wikipedia is wrong with the tied for 2nd thing. We'll take over control of 2nd next season when UNC loses more again.

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