YouTube Tuesday: Daft Punk / TRON

>I think I’m more looking forward to the soundtrack than the movie…but in any case, here’s a little clip for the upcoming TRON movie whose soundtrack was done completely by the insane Daft Punk (the “DJ’s” in the booth in this video, in case you didn’t know). BTW, I think it’s awesome how Daft Punk have been wearing the same costumes forever and you plop them in this movie and don’t have to make a single adjustment; it’s like they were created so long ago to be in the new TRON movie. This is the only tune officially released thus far but if the rest of the soundtrack is 1/2 as good as this song I might just put in on loop for the entire day when it comes out in a couple weeks. Oh yeah and I’m sure the movie will be good, too, but seriously: DAFT. PUNK.

Oh and in case you want to listen offline, here’s a link to download the song above: Derezzed.


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