Fortune Cookie Foodies

New project! Go check out this fun new project I’m starting up with a friend called Fortune Cookie Foodies.

The premise is simple: put the names of restaurants inside fortune cookies then crack open a cookie and go to the restaurant inside. I was telling a friend about it and she said “I love that you made the selection process as needlessly complicated as possible” and I gotta agree with her. Think of it like the Rube Goldberg Machine of selecting where to go for food. But, it should be exciting getting ready to go to dinner and then opening a fortune cookie to find out where that may be. Since Seattle has so many amazing restaurants, it really doesn’t matter where we go…which is half the fun.

Go check out that blog and follow along and be sure to “like” us on Facebook as well. It’s sure to include some witty and humorous writing and great reviews of some serious restaurants here in Seattle.



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