Youtubesday: Afterburners!

About 8 or 9 years ago I went night surfing @ San O during the late summer when the moon was full and provided the best light for such activities. The water was probably like 71 or 72 (super warm for SoCal, at night no less) and the red tide was super thick. The phosphorescent algae was so active that as you paddled through the water your hands left trails of bright flickering blue/green light that looked a lot like a glow stick and the water cresting over your board spewed bluish green. When you looked back after catching a wave, your board was leaving a wake that spewed the blue/green water everywhere. It was surreal and we stayed out for probably 2 hours; it was difficult to leave and I’ve never seen a red tide like that since. If you told me that I was tripping on acid at the time, I probably would have agreed…but this was legit. One of the most incredible sessions of my life, for sure. Where was I going with this? Oh yeah, rad surf video.

Here’s Bruce Irons surfing with a flare attached to his board. It’s slightly less cool than my story, but there’s infinite more evidence to support it actually happened. Ask anyone that was there that night; they’ll back up my story.


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