IR Photography

I love exploring photography, especially the crazy techniques and subjects. I’m a big fan of blurred out images, I love taking photos at strange angles and capturing subjects in ways that you’ve maybe not seen; you get the idea. When I first saw infrared photos, I was hooked; this was some crazy photography.

Our eyes can only see lightwaves up to about 720nm which is where the “reds” in the color spectrum reside but there’s a lot more light that we cannot see. Everything beyond that to around 1000nm is known as infrared then you get into the gnarly stuff like X-ray, microwave and such but for our purposes we don’t really about care those. Infrared light reflects off everything but in different ways than the visible light and we never get to see it because it’s beyond what our eyes are capable of…until infrared filters were invented; enter our hero and his D70.

I picked up a cheap 760nm filter (it filters out all light BELOW 760nm) and went out last weekend and the results are disturbing but incredible. The photo above is the same as the 1st photo in the post but with the IR filter attached to the lens; this is not “photoshopping” or post production, this is simply filtering out all light below 760nm. Crazy, right? They used to make IR photographs with film developed by Eastman Kodak that was IR sensitive but these days people modify their cameras to shoot IR photographs or go the easier/cheaper route and buy a filter and attach to the end of your lens. The results are crazy cool and I look forward to shooting with this technique often and producing some unbelievable images.

So, I’m not going to muddy this up with any more words or lower-res images. Go to the flickr album and watch this slideshow in glorious high-res. You will like.

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