tumblr fun – Ncyclopedia

Not everything on tumblr is silly, just most of it…like almost everything.

This one is pretty cool. It combines my love for tumblr with my love for design and my current obsession with playing card design. Each week, this guy is making a card from a standard playing card deck, 2-feet tall with his own groovy designs. Seriously, this is super impressive stuff. Click the link to see more (he’s 26 weeks in, so 2 suits down 2 to go) and be sure to follow along…


I’ll Tumblr 4 Ya

Tumblr is great. It’s basically Twitter in blog form. The best part of Tumbr are the myriad ridiculous ideas out there that people come up with to share through quick micro-blog posts. Photoshopped images, quotes, animated gif’s, charts, they’re all there.

In a new regular feature here at the blog mothership, I’ll be sharing with you some Tumblr accounts that you need to follow for a good laugh or “WTF?” and maybe even a few you can learn from. So…here we go…

Stop #1: Where’s Randy Savage?

For photoshopped images of Randy Savage in random situations, this is probably the #1 resource on the Interwebs. Probably.