YouTubesday: Chad Valley

Chad Valley – Now That I’m Real (How Does It Feel) from Lucy Bridger on Vimeo.

I went on a live music binge over the last couple weeks and by far my favorite new artist was Chad Valley. He was opening for Active Child (who was amazing and the reason I went to this show) but God damn if Chad Valley didn’t steal the show. Great live performer and such an awesome sound that everyone there seemed to be genuinely surprised by in a very good way. I overheard a girl after his set say, “he way over-exceeded my expectations and I expected him to be really fucking good…” and I couldn’t agree more.

Dig it.

Only a month off, not bad

My favorite TV show and theme song with the words “welcome back” in the title…

I’m back and it’s only been a month since my last post. Getting things under control and been writing a lot lately so expect far more frequent updates as I’m banking up posts to share with y’all.

So…welcome back, Bryan.

YouTubesday: these people need a product

I love infomercials. I’ve blogged about them here, I’ve watched hundreds of them in my lifetime (multiple times, all the way through as if they maybe figured it out after some time…) and they are just pure entertainment.

Ultimately, I think we can agree that these people wouldn’t have so much trouble if they lived in a world with color instead of clumsily fumbling through their black and white world. Whatever it is, here’s 1:39 of all the troubles that products sold on TV can help you with.

Youtubesday: Afterburners!

About 8 or 9 years ago I went night surfing @ San O during the late summer when the moon was full and provided the best light for such activities. The water was probably like 71 or 72 (super warm for SoCal, at night no less) and the red tide was super thick. The phosphorescent algae was so active that as you paddled through the water your hands left trails of bright flickering blue/green light that looked a lot like a glow stick and the water cresting over your board spewed bluish green. When you looked back after catching a wave, your board was leaving a wake that spewed the blue/green water everywhere. It was surreal and we stayed out for probably 2 hours; it was difficult to leave and I’ve never seen a red tide like that since. If you told me that I was tripping on acid at the time, I probably would have agreed…but this was legit. One of the most incredible sessions of my life, for sure. Where was I going with this? Oh yeah, rad surf video.

Here’s Bruce Irons surfing with a flare attached to his board. It’s slightly less cool than my story, but there’s infinite more evidence to support it actually happened. Ask anyone that was there that night; they’ll back up my story.


So I was bored puppy-sitting Chester up at Mom’s place on Whidbey. The sun was going down, it was a gorgeous day and I decided to take some photographs. I shot 237 frames in about 1.5 hours up in Langley, this super cute town on the South end of Whidbey Island. Inspiration is everywhere, people. Just look around.

Dig in.

tumblr fun – Ncyclopedia

Not everything on tumblr is silly, just most of it…like almost everything.

This one is pretty cool. It combines my love for tumblr with my love for design and my current obsession with playing card design. Each week, this guy is making a card from a standard playing card deck, 2-feet tall with his own groovy designs. Seriously, this is super impressive stuff. Click the link to see more (he’s 26 weeks in, so 2 suits down 2 to go) and be sure to follow along…


Youtubesday: Pancake Robot

Good lord. This is all for pancakes? Like, this thing costs millions to develop and implement and all it does is sort pancakes super quickly? How about we take the extra 10 minutes it requires to make them from scratch like we’ve done for, oh, about 200+ years now and ditch the machines? Besides, they’ll taste better.

Voice of Dissent: Nah; then we wouldn’t have this bitchen pancake robot.

Good counterpoint; how could I be so obtuse? Let’s at least agree we should call it Mrs. Butterworth 5000.

Voice of Dissent: Agreed.